YYJ micro mo

Is it a forgiving throw? can you learn tricks on it? I really want a small yoyo and I think the micro mo looks cool. Has anyone had the chance to throw one, even a little?

yeah, it’s a fun little throw. I wouldn’t really recommend it for learning tricks with though. I mean you could, but it has quite a small catch zone. the popstar is the same size as it, but it’s all metal and less than half the price. I’ll pm you a store where they should have some in stock if you want, or they sometimes “pop” up on the b/s/t. (get it? popstar? pop up? :P)

I played one, just for little. The shape is comfortable and fun, not very aggressive. Very stable for its size. I like the size and feel of the Mini Motu more, but the Micro Mo is better built and much more solid. Its width is plenty wide for learning tricks on. If you want a small yo-yo, I would definitely recommend it.

With the price, you’re paying for performance: much higher density metal, concentrating more weight to the rims, resulting in more stability for its size.