Popstar vs. Micro Mo


Hey, I was wanting to get a small sized throw and these two caught my attention. I was just wondering which one to choose. :slight_smile:


I dont have a micro mo, but all 3 of my popstars would agree with me when i say they play as well if not better than my genesis. Plus a popstar costs like half of a micro mo. Plus its all plastic. Plus it comes with a better bearing. Plus… Ah well the list goes on and on. Get a popstar and avoid disapointment. No seriously. Get one. Or three. Now. Stop reading this. You shouldnt be reading this since you are checking out your order for 3 yyf popstars. Stop multitasking. Stop reading! Except now you cant stop. You HAVE to keep reading this post. I have you under my magical spell. You already bought the popstars and you didnt even notice since i have you trapped here.

But in all seriousness, they seem like very different yoyos, and if u have the cash, buy em both. If not, popstar is the way to go.


I’m sure this thread will be relocated to the Looking for Help/Recommendations section but I’ll give my input. I’ve never thrown the MicroMo but wouldn’t mind having one in my collection. I do have the Popstar and it’s definitely a fun throw. The tiny size seems to be a novelty but it’s fully functional.

As far as the MicroMo goes, I’m sure that is probably a bit more stable than the Popstar but for double the price, I’ll stick with my Popstar for now, and let that aid me into being more precise with my string tricks.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I was starting to lean towards the popstar anyways. Also i just checked and it is a metal yoyo. Just thought you might want to know.


Oh sorry did i say plastic? Sorry i meant the popstar is all metal and the micro mo is half n half.


Micro Mo would probably play better than the Popstar, but for the price, I would have to go with the Popstar.


I’ve decided and I am going with the popstar :slight_smile: I think I’m gonna throw a party to celebrate.