Question... (new to forum)

Just a quick question (sorry if this is in the wrong section, I’m brand new to the forum)…

I’ve been looking online for a new yoyo and I was curious if anyone here knows anything about the Micromo… there’s barely anything about it online (sleep times, responsiveness, etc…)

Hey, welcome to the YYE forum!

The Micro Mo is unresponsive as all advanced yoyo’s would be prefered as but any yoyo can be responsive and unresponsive. My yomega brain is unresponsive and my Legacy is responsive, 2 totally opposite responses. You can easily change it if you know how. And it sleeps for a great amount of time. Good enough for anything.

would you say its worth the money?

Hey, welcome! I bought a micromo and it was actually pretty good, but with a cuple extra bucks I would get a fundametal or yuuksta

Thats what i would do.

yeah, you should go for something in the fundametal line.
I LOVE my lunatic. like seriously, it my favourite throw.
And I’ve thrown my friend’s dv888, and it’s really nice.

Or I think even shinwoo has some all metals for around that price?

are you new to yoyoing?

I’ve been yoyoing on and off for a long time… I’m finally getting back into it, and
I just realized that my YYJ speeder has a crack… so I’m looking for a replacement… I’m also looking for something smaller an the micromo seemed to fit

Welcome to the forums! :wink:

Did you like using your speeder? Or in other words, do you wish it was heavier/lighter or bigger/smaller?

Keep in mind that the Micro Mo is a VERY small yoyo. If your still learning a lot of basic string landing tricks (like Trapeze, Double or Nothing, McBride Roller Coaster, Rewind etc.), usually you want a larger sized yoyo to make those tricks easier… Smaller yoyos are usually for more of an intricate [complex] style of yoyoing (keyword being “usually”). Some people just simply like smaller yoyos more than bigger ones. If your one of those people, than the Micro Mo is a great choice. Hope this helped.

yeah, the micro mo is quite tiny tiny. one of the smallest outside of big deals or mighty fleas that I can think of.
If you’re just looking for an undersized throw (about 2" diameter) then a dv888 would do you well.
Or even a hitman pro.

for smaller throws i prefer some of the onedrops. you might be able to find yourself a used M1 for pretty cheap as well.

Micro Mo, is worth the money, but as they said, I would highly recommend the Yuuksta.

A very undersized yoyo doesn’t quite fit your skill now. It would be a challenge. Not too small, but a normal undersized would do if you really want an undersized throw.

Yuuksta is 50mm, an undersized, would be a great throw. But again, what level are you at? Learning the Rewind, Double or Nothing trick level or higher?

For a beginner like as I just stated, a Raptor or Dv888 is great. But if you’re looking for plastic, Northstar and Protostar will do very well if you don’t mind the grinds.