Pool Party Yoyo

How does it perform?

I just want to see a collaboration between Pool Party and CLYW :stuck_out_tongue:

CLYW x Pool Party x Heaven Sent

:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Thank you! I for one am very excited about the Pool Party Brand. I like when experimentation happens. It can lead to innovation and all kinds of really cool unique things. I picked up a Banana Hammock this morning and am greatly anticipating it’s arrival. I look forward to seeing what other kinds of things Chris comes up with!

The first release really isn’t what I’m personally into, however I ALWAYS look forward to seeing what Chris will come up with. One of my favorite yoyo designers :slight_smile:

I said the same exact thing, directly to Chris, when I saw it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, because it’s a yo-yo that Chris designed so we can see the similarities with other yo-yos that he designed. Plus, when you think Chris, you think CLYW, so it’s hard to get that out of your head anyway, at least for me. If this is to be thought of as a solo album, people make the same comparisons when an artist leaves a group or band temporarily to make their first solo album. So, a lot of our opinions should be expected, and I’m sure they were.

I’m starting to “get it” more and more, that the marketing theme and focus can be more fun and relaxed than with a brand that already has a strong core fan base. It can be an outlet for designs that should see the light of day, but may not fall within the direction planned for CLYW. None of this mattered anyway, because if Chris made a new yo-yo company and called it boo boo, I’d buy it regardless. I copped that yellow/green pineapple earlier today.

I have all the, “it should be a CLYW” out of my system now. :smiley: And some of that artwork is hilarious. I’m out this.

I hate to think that this had to be a factor in the decision. The fickle nature of a fervent fanbase.

You would lose your damn mind if you saw the things people say to me on the daily.

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Makes the argument over whether the box should say Pool Party or CLYW seem pretty meaningless.

Someone just asked me what went through my mind while designing the first Pool Party yoyo. Here’s what I wrote:

There were a lot of things that went into the process of making this first yoyo. I just wanted to get outside of the box that I felt I was in. CLYW had a specific look, play and feel … but I wanted to try something else out. Just do something different that reflected myself. I guess consider Pool Party to be my signature model. lol.

But ya … for going into this design. I wanted something a little bit bigger in diameter. But had a lot of rim weight and stability to it. A profile shape that had some Japanese flavour to it, and was quite minimalist. Plus I wanted to get more experience with designing a yoyo that Anthony Rojas would like. His signature was coming up soon for CLYW and I didn’t think I was quite ready for it yet. It actually worked because to date it’s Anthony’s favourite yoyo that I’ve designed so far. lol

With the bigger diameter throws, I find that you need to add some extra weight to them in order for them to play well. But the cool thing about them is that they feel/play lighter because of the bigger diameter. So 67.5g actually doesn’t feel that heavy at all. It’s quite a quick yoyo for the size.

I also wanted a design that would be good for me to compete with and was easy to learn tricks with, I’d say I’m more of an intermediate yoyoer … but something definitely still focused on fun and something that other players like myself would enjoy.

I don’t know I think I achieved what I set out to do. Hoping that people really like it and that I can keep the momentum rolling.

Thanks so much for the kind words everyone and for the support! Means a lot! Can’t wait to get some up at YoYoExpert!


This is pretty sad to read. Especially with all of the effort that you guys put in.

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Some days sting more than others, but Chris and I both knew from the moment I started working with CLYW that he wanted to change a lot of things, and that I was going to take the heat for them. It’s just how this sort of thing works. I’m an easy, and large, target.