Pool Party Yoyo

Anybody else excited about them and their first yoyo release, the Banana Hammock,( pics below) tomorrow?

I’ve never heard of them.

I just don’t see how this DOESN’T fit within the realm of CLYW.

To me it looks straight out of the lodge :-\

I think it’s different enough, and the idea with Pool Party is for Chris to release things that don’t fit within CLYW, so sounds like there will be more releases in the future. It’s cheaper as well, $77 I think he said on Instagram. So not having a team to support, may keep costs down as well.

$77 is what it says on the official webpage as well. I’m hoping to try them out alongside CLYW (I have yet to experience their throws) and see the difference as well as expand my collection with a neat new throw

Looks interesting

So, wait, let me get this right. Pool Party Yoyos is a company by Chris Mikulin for yoyos that he didn’t think fit with CLYW?

From the website:

Pool Party is an outlet for, CLYW owner, Chris Mikulin to create new and different yoyo designs that do not necessarily fit within CLYW. Think of it as Chris’ solo album.

Because why not?

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Why would certain yoyos not fit in clyw? It seems kind of odd that most clyws are pretty organic.

Why don’t they make a really light speed style v shaped type yoyo?

It seem like a lot of clyws are similar, with a few outliers. I feel like pool party and clyw should merge, so clyw has more variety.

It’s just the character that CLYW’s built up. When you look at CLYW yoyos they do all look similar, it’s what’s worked for them. It’s the profile and character from those types of yoyos that have led to their followers and collectors.

Maybe for slightly different reasons but YYR is like that as well, a lot of their yoyos look similar. It’s the formula that they’ve found has worked for them and has resulted in a lot of followers and collectors.

These companies are a little different than companies like One Drop that have a little more variety.

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Yeah, I guess that’s true. I just would like to see some more variety out of clyw. How about a cool angular throw?

I love light, V-shaped angular yoyos. I don’t think that’s too far out of CLYW’s range as they’ve been branching out a little bit. I don’t expect them to make an undersized or organic yoyo or stuff like that anytime soon though. I think Chris made the separate brand for the more interesting, unique designs.

CLYW is pretty well set. The branding, the packaging, the artwork, and what fans expect from us as a brand. For every one person in this thread saying “Why don’t they just put it out as CLYW?” we would get two dozen emails calling us traitors for making something that “wasn’t true CLYW”.

It’s pretty intense to establish a brand so strong that your fans don’t even trust you to run it anymore. We’re grateful for the support, but it’s definitely overwhelming at times to have such high expectations for everything.

Pool Party is a chance for Chris to blow off some steam, design yoyos purely for himself, make them in really tiny batches, and commission artwork that is super fun but if we put it on a CLYW release my hate mail for the week would increase tenfold.

It’s a solo album. It’s a way for him to stretch himself creatively without having to work within the boundaries of CLYW. The first yoyo is great, the art from Escolar and Hamburgerhands is pretty fantastic, and Chris is super happy. So…yeah. I’m all for it.


OMG, that T-shirt! I totally would have worn that in High School! Now? My wife would kill me…

Appreciate your explanation! Like I said I’m stoked to try both brands. If Pool Party’s Banana Hammock if going to be limited then I hope it’s still available when I get paid next week

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I actually really hope Chris DOES make undersized and organic yoyos. I am more interested in those designs that much of what has come out recently. And narrower too, please! 38mm MAX! The Moonshine was 32 and that’s SOOOPER narrow. I’d love to see some designs that played within those two widths.

Two colors will be coming to YoYoExpert soon! Thanks for the support everyone!