anyone else notice?


anyone else notice that CLYW has their own drop-down bar outside of the “other brands” bar? Finally!


Cool. ;D


Yes!! ;D


I saw that too yesterday. OD vs CLYW i guess


I think that’s just because making a link directly to our bank accounts would be illegal. So, take us faster to where the fast-selling big ticket throws are and then we can funnel our money to YYE on our own!


I noticed it yesterday, but I hope that means they’ll be having some more releases. It was never really necessary to have a quick link since the CLYW shop page is basically a photo gallery of yoyos you can’t buy.


so true :smiley:


yeah I did

(CaribouNick) #9

The reason why it wasn’t there any sooner is because CLYW is never in stock for more than a few days.

But because CLYW is in high-production mode, Chris hopes to have enough yoyo’s to actually stay in stock so people have a selection to actually purchase. It’s not a “CLYW vs. onedrop.” I mean, some CLYW models get manufactured by onedrop so if competition was really a goal, then that relationship would’ve never occurred.