CLYW owner Chris Mikulin created Pool Party as a creative outlet. He wanted a brand that he could take in a different direction, a brand where he could create some unique yo-yos that didn’t necessarily fit in the CLYW lineup. Think of Pool Party as the Chris Mikulin solo album, and think of the Banana Hammock as his first hit!

When designing the Banana Hammock, Chris went for something a little bit bigger in diameter that had a lot of rim weight and stability, but was still quick. He gave it a profile with a little Japanese flavor and a minimalist feel for a really beautiful and clean finished look!

The Banana Hammock plays fast, stable, and has a really nice presence on the string. It has a really maneuverable feel in play and the larger size offers some excellent spin time without feeling heavy on the string. It’s much quicker and lighter feeling than we expected from it’s size and weight!

Fun fact time! Chris used this first Pool Party yo-yo as practice to gain more experience in designing a yoyo that Anthony Rojas would like. His signature is coming up soon for CLYW and Chris wasn’t sure he was up to the challenge. In the end it turns out he was up to the challenge, because the Banana Hammock is Anthony’s favorite yo-yo that Chris has designed to date! That’s one heck of an endorsement!