New Pool Party BiMetal Banana Hammock!


CLYW owner Chris Mikulin created Pool Party as a creative outlet, a brand where he could create some unique yo-yos and let his freak flag fly. With the successful release of his first model, the Banana Hammock, Chris decided to kick it up a notch and slap some steel on it! This is the Bi-Metal Banana Hammock!

When designing the Banana Hammock, Chris went for something a little bit bigger in diameter that had a lot of rim weight and stability, but was still quick. He gave it a profile with a little Japanese flavor and a minimalist feel for a really beautiful and clean finished look!

The Banana Hammock Bi-Metal plays faster and more stable than the original. It has a really smooth feel in play and the bi-metal weight distribution offers some excellent spin time without feeling heavy on the string. It’s much quicker and lighter feeling than we expected from it’s size and weight!