Poll! Which Hybrid

  • Mowl surveil
  • C3yo digamma crash

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Give your opinion or thoughts… something better available?

I asked a similar question a while ago and a lot of people recommended the surveil. I went for the digamma crash coz of the matte rims and have been loving it!
Seems you cant go wrong with either!

Both the Digamma Crash and the Surveil have matte rims though…

Im hearing of multiple people having issues with the mowl rims coming loose…

The mowl definetly looks cooler and better colors available

I guess that makes the choice simple for you.

But both of them play quite differently. The Surveil is considerably lighter than the Digamma Crash and hence plays faster and lighter than the Digamma Crash. I assume the Digamma Crash has a more weighty feel because that’s what written in it’s description.

Not in the color I liked. The teal had shiny rims in another store.

I haven’t thrown either of those, but I do have a write in vote for the delrin/ss AceYo XIN

this is interesting to me.

i have a Surveil with a loose rim but i hadn’t heard of this being a wider issue. i had not heard of anyone else having this issue. did you read about this on these forums?


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I thought this thread was about something totally different…

Something slash is bomb if you want a chill experience that plays more like an older yo-yo but ca still finger spin and grind and all that highly reccomemd

I was thinking the same thing!

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I will follow the results

Thanks for those who participated