Polish the outside of a bearing?

Has anyone actually polished the outer surface of a bearing?

How can I remove tarnish?

It won’t help anything.

I know, I just want it to be shiny.

Not needed but a bit of metal polish will clean it up a bit.

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I do it all the time. Even the ugliest can be brought back to life.

That’s awesome! Gimme more details ;D

I’ve done it countless times before. BTW, having a polished outer race will help, a lot. It can reduce snags since the surface of the bearing is smoother so the string can slide on it easier.

Little know fact about polishing in general is it helps to harden the surface. Only a little but does help.

A stainless bearing is already much harder than aluminum but like spirit said above it is that little edge that can help overall.

I use a felt bob to do my bearings.