I’ve read a few different threads about using brasso after a cleaning, can any one recommend or comment on it? I’ve read some mixed reviews and must admit that it is quite grainy… Comments? Recommendations? Cuttlefish?


I’ve used it on some bearings I am testing with. These are “bad” bearings, so I’ve got nothing to lose. I didn’t really get any advantage of using Brasso. I glopped it into the bearing, ran the bearing on a drill for a couple of minutes, then cleaned it out using fresh mineral spirits twice(changed after each cleaning), paper slip method after each Mineral Spirit soak/aggitation, and then lastly in acetone. I didn’t really get any appreciable results.

Maybe I am not using the right formulation. I do have some rubbing compound that I haven’t used yet but it came recommended.

What is your goal or objective?


I have used it on bearings in an attempt to “get back the shine”. It really does not do much and some of the polish can enter the bearing. If your bearing is dull or brownish, it may be due to oxidation. In which case you really cannot do much. I tried 0000 steel wool and that did help a bit, but you risk getting steel fibers in your bearing. Best thing to do is to wipe it with a soft cloth after cleaning and lubrication.


n01mportant - are you referring to using it to shine metal or condition the bearing?

  • it’s a good metal polish.

  • You can use it to try to recondition a bearing by removing the shields and pouring some in, spin the bearing on a dremel rinse and clean well. But for this work a paste polish actually works better.


Condition; which polish would you recommend?




Yes, same as this:,52351.msg526074.html#msg526074

I’ve used Turtle Wax Polishing compound with good results.


This is why I picked up some paste polish, based on the brand and item you recommended. I just haven’t bothered to try it out yet.