Dark Magic rims


The rims on my DM are looking abit dull is there any way you can polish them to make them look better, anything like Braso or something, don’t no if i spelt “Braso” right


Use Braso Metal Polish.  :slight_smile:

Here is a video tutorial:

(Mark) #3

They might come off with some water and scrubbing. It’s the aluminium tarnish by the sweat on your hands.


Thanks, I made sure I made a post first just in case that Brasso stuff could mess up my yoyo.



Hi all :smiley:
Is it safe to use this on a bearing as well ?
Do you know of any alternative polish material because I can’t
find a place where I can get it around here .

Thanks a bunch !


No, It wouldn’t be a good idea to polish your bearing, you could damage it that way.

A good alternative to Brasso is baking soda. That’s what I use, and it really works!

Here’s a tutorial for it, from Yoyoaddict123: