Metal Polish

how to can i polish my dark magic 1 rims? its really dirty and i dont know what to do? HELP ME

Nevr-dull - works great.

or high grit sandpaper

Nooooo. :-X

The only abrasive to use is maybe 0000 steel wool.

Yep - sandpaper will take out scuffs and whatnot, but it wont “polish.” The 0000 wool isn’t a bad option, but if you really want the rims polished, the Nevrdull jhb recommended is where it’s at.

I respectfully disagree. You can, and should, polish using a combination of sandpaper and polishing compounds. If you watch any video on polishing aluminum, they start with sandpaper. read any guide, and they start with sandpaper. I’d start with like 180 or 220 grit, move up to 400, 600, and higher if you want. Generally 600 is the highest grit I’ve been able to find at like home depot, but I have used 1500 in the past also.
Then after sanding, you can use fine steel wool, which isn’t necessary
then finally, I’d go with a polishing compound like mothers ( to finish the job.

just to show that I’m not talking out my butt,

there are plenty of other videos on polishing aluminum, but this one is short and to the point.

It’s the same as satining a yoyo. how I would (and have) done it, is you take the yoyo, in this case your dark magic, and put half of it in a drill. start up the drill, and just place the sandpaper on the rim, getting a nice even job. then once you feel like you’ve done enough with one grit, move up. rinse and repeat
once you’re done with sand paper, you would do the same with the steel wool if you want
then after that, I just put a bit of metal polish on an old rag, and spin the yoyo on the polish on the rag.

he’s using a lathe, but a drill works too.

Keep it simple, use Mothers brand aluminum polish. It’s cheap, and all you have to do is rub it in. Made my DM2 really shine!
You can find it at pretty much any store, Wal-mart, places like that. Or online here:

You can also use it for raw or nickel plated yoyos too. It really makes them shine.

Frankly I would do that ONLY if the yoyo was dinged up or I was trying to remove an old anno finish. If all it is is tarnished, a polish will work just fine. No need to scuff things up w/180 grit paper. I MIGHT use 300 or 400 grit wet then move up to 600 or better wet if it was really tarnished. I would even start with 300 wet if it had some minor dings.

If you notice, Modfather is working on an anno’d yoyo that has been dinged. In the first video the guy is working on a raw ingot. I got the impression he cast it himself. If you have a metal yoyo that looks as rough as that, by all means yes, go for the sand paper. but if all you have is a tarnished yoyo, avoid it entirely.

Mothers is the best. I used it on 2 of My Yo-Yo’s AMAZING.

Also, keep in mind that some Yo-Yo’s polish easier than others due to the original surface treatment and machining style used.

I guess I’m just assuming his dm2 was like mine. that’s to say, moderately dinged up, and pretty tarnished to the point where just simply using polish wouldn’t work.
it all does depend on the level of tarnish.
I would still probably use atleast 400 and 600 grit wet sanded. it’s not gonna scuff anything up, and it’s just gonna make it a smoother surface.

What would happen if polish was put on an ano job?

It might get brighter?

Wear sunglasses just to be safe!

Nothing, I’ve done it.