Rims getting dark

So, when I got my DM, the metal rims are shiny, they kinda’ reflect light. Then the next day I noticed that the rims are getting black. I tried wiping the rims w/ dry cloth but nothing change. What do you think is the cause and maybe you guys could give some suggestions to make them shiny again. Thanks. BTW my DM is only 2 weeks old, since the day I got it.

pics? how long you had it? not just a day, right?
aluminum will develop a gradual tarnish/patina over time. if it bothers you, you can buy some polish a la brasso and go at it. personally, i like when aluminum looks like it’s been played.

I don’t have pics and I don’t know how to post 'em. The darkening of the rims showed up the following day I got my DM. So basically my DM was a day old when the rims got dark. I’m sure I did nothing different on the rims. I’ve only played my DM for about 4 or5 hours but not straight 5.
+So guys what do you think caused the darkening of the rims to happen, and also that early? Thanks.

As ed said the alumionium reacts with the oxygen in the air causing the metal rims to tarnish (go dark) plus oils from our skin also has this effect. So if you want your DM rims to shine just go to the supermarket and buy some metal polish like brasso or something similar, I personally use and imprgnated woolen fiber called masariti, I use it on the rims of my car to make the crome super shiney

A I understand, my uncle might pick one at a hardware store, a polish, thanks guys.

The same thing happened to me, mr. clean magic eraser worked great.

Here is a video on how to polish it back to normal.

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Thanks guys! I’ll try to search on youtube for the polishing method cause vids here in the forum doesn’t load on my phone.

i put a clear coat on the rims of my X-convict, its tarnish free now.

What clear coat? Or what kind of clear coat?

kind of paint that have clear colour, kinda like varnish.
i use spray paint on mine. clear of course.

Does that affect grinding?

Yes it will.

If you want a quick household solution, baking soda and a damp paper towel work wonders.

yes, unfortunetly it will.
but it will depend on what paint you apply, matte finish still can grind nicely, but not as nice as before.

well, the thing is, im lazy to polish my yoyo again and again when the rim is tarnished.
that is.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Um will metal polish like the one used in bikes work well? Will they harm the metal part of the yoyo?

if the polish says that it can be used to polish metal alloys its fine, example use on bike spokes or rims.

after polishing your DM try brushing it then it will make it shiny

I just picked a metal polish up, it says it works on brass, bronze, copper ,zinc , stainless steel, chrome, etc. Will that work fine?

this was mine after polished and brushed