ok well I have a dm2 (love it, its amazing) and i put it to rest for like eh… about 1 month or so and now all over the metal rims is like brownish/silver spots!!! ??? i tried cleaning it by blowing on it and rubbing but that didnt help and i licked the metal and wiped it down but that didnt help either… i left it out of the case i made when it was in dorment… what could it be??? can i clean it??? IM MAD!!! >:(

the rims became tarnished which happens to any metal that is un anodized or blasted of some sort. it will happen over time but u have to get some metal polisher like never tarnish and that will make them extremely shiny.

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Thats called tarnishing, all bare metals (without protective coating or anodize) would do that, thats normal.

you can try to polish it if you want the original shine back, use a metal polish.

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do i get it from just any super market or is there a specific brand i get and how much do i use? and why did my post go from **** to bobs bait and tackle?

  1. Calm down. It’s normal. Happens to most of us.

  2. I don’t think you should use the star censor. It’s not allowed here.

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I used umm… just some random brand of polisher I had lying around, and it worked fine.
any brand should work. Brasso, brilliant, etc.
just saying… I polished my 888 after satining it because I wanted to give it that mirror finish, and it made it grind terrible, so I re-satined it. (used 600 grit sand paper to get rid of the polish)

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it went to bobs bait and tackle because some mods like to replace cursing and stuff with it. shoulda been nunchuck also, dont scream, its tarnish, its reverseable. contact Acavando, he is AWESOME at polishes

unrelated: post 500

To help make your yoyo minty fresh, polish with toothpaste. Seriously though, the same stuff that polishes your teeth should polish out the tarnish.

itll make the yoyo sticky. DONT DO IT! grinds, no, it might get in bearing, probably would be slowed down on string.

Not really. It’s no different than using most other polishes if you wipe it clean.

after satining my 888, it grinded super well. then I polished it, and it didn’t do so great. so I re satined it.
so… if you want a nice grindable rim, I’d say satin it.

my freind tryed toothpaste. i watched him. still cant grind

Toothpaste is a polish. It won’t make a grindable surface. For that you need:

miswording… as in, stuff still still sticks. its caked with dirt and dust

Then he didn’t rinse it or wipe it down good enough.

The issue with using toothpaste is not that it will make the yo-yo sticky, but that it is a very mild polishing paste. A proper metal polish like Mother’s aluminum polish or Nevr-Dull would be your best bet.

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really toothpaste? I thought you guys were being a bunch of smart nunchucks…on a side note I rather like the censor replacement.

ok so if i do the polish thing it will make my grinds worse and i do what? and why does @1slave25 no all my info like IP?

cuz i be awesomez like dat

@scarecrow1298 its nunchuck :smiley:

OK so i go to walmart or whatever and pick up metal polish… put it on a rag/paper towal and whip it down till its shiny and the grinds wont be messed up?
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???