Recommend a Polish...

For you folks out there throwing metal-rimmed YoYoJam stuff, what polish or cleaning method do you use to get those rims back to “fresh out da box” shiny?

You could use brasso for yyj yoyos, then polish it with metal polish like never-dull…The brasso removes the oxidation on the aluminum rims. The never-dull keeps it shiney. You can find brasso anywhere, at a local hardware store to walmart. You can find never dull at any local auto store…



I use brasso and never-dull, and it keeps it nice and shiney… ;D


Brasso. It’ll get way cleaner than “out of the box.” Trust me. :wink:

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Or if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to specially buy metal polish for it, if you put a pinch of baking soda on a wet corner of a paper towel and scrub the rims, it really works wonders. Probably not as good as the Brasso or anything, but it’s a great quick fix using a common household product

I highly recommend NEVR-DULL. It shines them like a mirror!

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And it’s not going to damage the metal or wear it away after extended use?

any type of metal polish has microscopic abrasives, which remove the oxidation…but it won’t wear away the metal significantly, but removes a bit of the metal at a microscopic level…

don’t worry, iv’e been doing it to all of my metal rimmed YYJ yoyos for years, and none of them looked worned…


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Well, there are several polish applications that can clean without performing the chemical equivalent of taking steel wool to a metal surface (Flitz comes immediately to mind, but good luck finding it where I live).

Still, I think I’m gonna head on out tonight and see if I can score some NEVR-DULL. If you and Andre think it’s the thing to do, I’m gonna try it.

I love Never Dull. That stuff is amazing.

I’ve never used it on a yo-yo, but it works wonders on aluminum parts on show motorcycles. We stocked an off-brand version of it that was essentially the same thing and we couldn’t keep it in stock after the word got out of how well it worked. Sadly, the knock-off company isn’t around anymore.

And wouldn’t you know it, not a Wal-Mart in my town (and I’ve got three) has either NEVR-DULL or Brasso.

for brasso, you might want to look in the detergent/house cleaning aisles of wallmart, or ask someone that works in the store…For nevr-dull look in auto stores, like checker-auto parts etc…

If you still can’t find them, you can check at lowes, home depot, or any hardware store etc…It’s probable that you will find it in these stores…

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Here’s what Nevr-Dull says:

I think I remember seeing Brasso at the Supermarket.

I use my silver polishing rag from my flute.

I tried that, it didn’t work.

One of my cheaper Pearls (or was it a Gemeinhardt?) came with a cleaning rag I’d never used as I already owned what I considered superior silver cleaners. So I figured, “what the heck!” Didn’t do a thing for the yo-yo metal.

At any rate, I scored some NEVR-DULL (although now sold as “Eagle One” brand) at the local AutoZone and it really does work! It leaves a bit of a syrupy mess to wipe away, but it works!