Question about Brasso

I was using brasso on the cup of my pre pro Majesty and it’s started getting duller an little scratches. anyway to get these out without super high grit sandpaper or something?

Try 2000 grit(HIgher if you want, but that will be hard to find), it will be in the automotive, body repair section of a walmart or lowes.

Brasso is just a metal polish. It should shine right up. Sounds like you did something wrong, or you quit too soon. Was the rag you used to do it clean, or did you maybe use a paper towel?

I used a paper towel at first then switched to a cloth… Was I not suppose to use a paper towel?

I think the fibers leave scratches, but I am not sure. Either way always use cloth to be sure

Okay I’ll try again in the morning! I just want it super shiny :slight_smile:

Yes - paper towels do not make good polishing cloths.