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It has permanent lines


clear coat it after polish


I polished a yoyo, and it had scratches, so i was told to add a clear coat. So i did it

Before and after the clear, the yoyo just wasnt shiny


Then the polish job was subpar prior to clear coat.


Is it my polish? I use Brasso


If you’re using sandpaper you may be going in the wrong order or not getting to the correct grit before stopping which would make it harder to polish


I did 80/120/220/320/ OO steel wool


You need to go from 100-200 ish up to 2,000… (2,000 removes most scratches)

Then add scratch remover (optional).

And polish, Mothers works better than Brasso. I used Brasso with Noooo luck…

And you need 0000 grade steel wool I think…


320 is the highest I can get.

What is scratch remover?


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Apollo, you should be able to buy individual sheets at most hardware stores. OSH, home depot, ace hardware, lowes, and even harbor freight all sell them. I’ve even seen it at the 99 cent store.
It varies how high of grit you can find at some stores, like some home depots I’ve been at only went to 600, but if for some reason you can’t find a store with higher, order it online.
I’ve never tried for a mirror polish personally, the highest I go up to is only 600, but I have used 1500 and 2000 grit for other tasks.

I’m not sure if brasso will be adequate. Try mothers aluminum.


Usually auto parts stores have the higher grits - 1000 and beyond.