How to Polish Your Yo-yo

Hey people! I have recently had quite a bit of people ask me how to polish their Yoyojam yo-yos.  So I decided to make a post and direct people to it. This is one of my videos so it is not that good sorry.  Hope this helps you guys out!!!

Canon in D. I’d recognize that anywhere…

Nice video, though.

Haha yup, I love that song. Thanks!!

Ooh. The risk taker taking a bearing with out a soft cloth. You must have really careful hands.

Im just picking :wink:

I never use a cloth. shrug

Are those Boxer Shorts your using?

Haha. Yeah, I asked that to myself too.

Boxers!? Oh noez!
I can kinda see why you would say that though xD

Wizard metal polish , its at the auto store comes in a metal bandaid box . it looks like pink cotten candy.
brasso is for brass. messy and takes way to long

wizard on aluminum is just sick , its like a mirror finish awsome stuff .

brasso is more like a satin finish

Haha Brasso Metal Polish is not just for brass. Haha. It isn’t the best metal polish out there, but it is cheap and gives a great shine(IMO). And it doesn’t really give a satin finish either. :wink:

And yes they were my old boxers lol. Sorry you guys had to see that. :stuck_out_tongue: