Bearing Restorations

I was going to just put this as a side note on my BST, but then people wont be able to see is so here’s what I can do

So I was on Yoyon… another forum Grin and I came across this post asking about a Shield’s bearing mod. And I was like what is that. Turns out it’s a dandy trick to get the tarnish off your inner track, plus it can sometimes unstuck a stuck ball. I used it on a couple of bearing I was ready to retire, and I got them going pretty good. I offer my services as a bearing man with the understanding that I can’t fix a being that’s been smash from excessive plier force. I’ll run a nice coat of polish through the bearing then clean it in mineral sprites twice. (I use a contact case, and it usually takes two to three times to come fully clean) then I’ll lube with blue juice to make it completely non gritty. I love how my bearings play after this treatment and I am sure you will to. All I ask is for you to send the Bearing two bucks and a stamp. I’ll ship back the bearing and 5 home made strings as a thank you gift. If it doesn’t work I’ll send you the bearing the money and the strings just for trying my service. (NOTE YOU SEND ME A MASHED BEARING I WON’T SEND ANYTHING BACK and I will just be mad that you tried to scam me. I’m talking negative feed back DON’T DO IT!)

I hope somebody takes me up on this. It’s fun.

Just did a copy and paste from my first post Much Gras

sounds like a nice idea! does it matter what kind of bearing i send in (center trac, speed bearing etc?)
also, this is just to make your bearing perform better right? like, i can send in a fairly good working bearing for, sort of a tune-up?

To answer your questions Any bearing will be fine I haven’t done a KK yet, but I have done pretty much everything else, and I think KKs have the same innards as any other bearing, and yeah it’s mainly a tune up I can’t save something where the balls have turned to junk. If your thinking it sounds cool hook me up with a PM.

Yes, it works on pretty much any bearing. The bearing cage construction is pretty much the same on all bearings, with minor variations.

p.s. - It’s named for shield, the guy who first posted it on another forum. Aloha… :wink:

^ I figured as much.

I was wondering why on earth they called it the shield mod when it just helps you get the track smoother. ;D

And why can’t this be BST. I am offering it as a service not bragging about it. I mean JAMMON

(psst) (you can probably move the post back) idunno if it works if a mod has already moved tho :slight_smile:

Yeah this is a Mod moved me so. I’m stuck.

The proper name is Shield’s Mod. 's showing ownership. Meaning his mod.

Thank you.

OK. It seemed more maintenance related to me so I moved it.
I think it should stay here, but feel free to re-post as a service in BST as well.

It works here, and really since I already have one thread I figured I would rather than repost I think I’ll just offer on my main thread, and then link this thread for more infol