Bearing seat help.

Hey guys so some of you will cringe at this but it was a last ditch effort so the yoyo was worthless anyways so I decided to be a little experimental.

I have a Melted crayon Tornad-yo that when I bought it had a very very bad pulsing vibe. After a few different bearings I finally came to the conclusion that the paint was too thick inside the bearing seat and that was causing the bearing to drag along the side and bottom reducing the spin time and causing the pulse. So first i tried to wipe it down with some lighter fluid witch helped but not much. so then I decided to sandblast the bearing seat. I duck taped all around the bearing seat so it would only effect the area I wanted it to. After sandblasting with the little machine i own i blew it off and gave it a whirle.

moment off truth… IT WORKED!!! it cut the pulsing vibe down to what you’d expect a plastic yoyo to have. So it is pretty smooth I want to finish the job now though and polish off the sandblasted part. If you’ve ever sandblasted aluminum then you know it leaves a dull rough surface. I think this surface is what is causing the remaining vibe. So I guess my question would be what is the best way to polish off the surface!? I’ve tried a dremel with a wire brush and it worked for what I could reach but I cant get all the way down so I am wondering if there is another way to polish it off?

thanks in advance!