I have been wanting to learn,but what kind should i get?
Where can i get good poi for a good price?
And who else does poi spinning?

try glowsticking, or make sock poi

I made a set. They work pretty good. I filled a baloon with about five grams less than the weight of the poi you are trying to make with rice. I found the weight on the internet. Then I stretched more and more baloons over that(about six or seven). Eventually I taped three yoyo strings in a loop around the ball. Add lots of duct tape, you want this to hold. Cut to the correct length, again I found that on the internet. Stretch one more baloon over and tie a loop over the end. Add some grip to the loop and you’re done. Make a second one.

ive been spinning for 6 years now. one tip: glowsticking and actual poi are 2 completely DIFFERENT styles. choose a style. if you want to learn actual poi make a pair of sock poi. if you want to glowstick pick up a dead pair of glowsticks and practice. both are fun :slight_smile:

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Pick up some sock poi. I have a set, they’re great to learn on. I’m not very good, but my coworker is a beast at poi. He teaches me poi, I teach him yoyo tricks.

I’m thinking of doing both.

I’m thinking of buying some pairs for me and my friends.
We’re all learning poi and glow sticking.

you dont even need to buy a pair of sock poi. make your own. look it up on youtube its not hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I did,but I’m going to buy some because they’re still pretty cheap.

how to make a cool poi also the guy is really nice and will help you alot his name is kai

heya buddy its Kai, caid’ linked me up to this thread.=]

i really suggest you make yourself a set of sock poi, this way you know what feels right for you and you can modify them alot easier because you know how they were made.

they really arent worth buying, ive never bought a set of socks from a website. you can make a set for under a £5 ~ $7 or for even less if you were to follow that video of mine caid posted.

an alternative to the Colecord i use is normal shoe strings (new preferably, for comfort)

sock poi are a real help when learning because they stretch which makes tricks feel easier, theyre easy to make and modify, theyre comfortable on your hands. i used them for about 3-4 years before making that set in the vid.

find a decent set of poi on the net and have them as a reward or incentive to learn a few things with sock poi first. the best thing you can do when starting out is experiment with what you have lying around the house. socks, tennnis balls, duct tape, grit/plastic weight, string etc…

i would recommend you use a medium length of poi when learning. you dont want them too long because you will hit yourself more often, you wont want them too short because they will spin faster.

a good medium length is when you have hold of the handle of the poi, the head/weight should be in the middle of your Bicep.
this is so you can spin them inbetween your arms (buzzsaw) without hitting your chest (or other places >.<)

ill give you a quick guide on how to make some easy, near free poi.

equipment needed

scissors or blade
a pair of kneehigh socks
a pair of over ankle socks
sandwich bags or a few balloons
duct tape
weight of some sort (sand, fine grit [anything but food items like rice]) noone wants animals eating their poi now do they :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

step 1
you will want to make your poi weight first. use your balloons or sandwich bag and start filling it with the weight, weigh it often to see if its between 70-120 grams (i find anything else too heavy for learning).
seal this off with a wrap of duct tape and then repeat for the other weight.

step 2
place the weights in the ankle socks.

when doing this i recomend having the weight in the sock and then put a twist in the sockand fold the excess over the weight and repeat. finish this off with a wrap of duct tape too.

its a good thing to keep the weight quite slack so you dont hurt yourself when you hit yourself. (trust me every poi spinner gets their jewels at some point)

step 3
place the padded weight in the long socks.

TURN THE SOCK INSIDE OUT FIRST. then place the weight in, add a little twist and thin strip of tape and finally turn the sock the right way out.

step 4
modifying the length.

with one of your arms stretched out, place the weight in the middle of your upper arm (maby a bit closer to your elbow because the socks will stretch over time) and hold the end of the tether and add a knot.
the knot will serve as a handle, tie it loose at first because this is where you begin to tune your poi to your preferance. if theyre too long go and undo the knott and adjust it till you become comfortable that your not going to be hitting yourself (or atleast not too often lol)

et viola your fist home made poi! be proud of yourself !!

this project shouldnt take long to do if you have the materials handy id say about 20 mins to make the poi, 10 mins to tune =]

if theres anything else you need help with just let me know, if you get compleatley stuck. ill make a tut based on these instructions =] (been a while since ive made a tut ^^)

for some usefull videos i sugest a guy on youtube called meenick (nick woolsey) he’s got a multitude of videos ranging from ultimate beginner to ultimate poi ninja

sorry for the essay, but i hope you enjoyed the read =]

Wow,thank you so much for the help,and I saw meeniks vids and they help alot.

The sock poi i made, I put some juggling bean bags in the socks,but I
couldnt find both socks, so I used two different kinds,but now i’m gonna buy
a pair.
Would a juggling bean bag work,or is it too heavy?

Anyway,thank you for the advice. :slight_smile:

a juggling beanbag should be fine, just make sure they’re the same weight (or pretty near)

id suggest buying a couple nice pairs and have a go of making some counter weights.

you can use a simple version of the poi heads in the video of mine caid posted. just make them smaller.
chop an inntertube, wash the white powdery bit away, chop a segment ~15cm at first and you can chop it down to suite your preferance, cover in tape. DONE =]

CW’s make great handles and help for when you want to learn throws =]

Home of Poi is a good place to start if you don’t want to make your own.

Another good place to start is to have friends who already do it. (That’s how I got into it).

It can be a lot of fun, but I have personally found it kind of hard to get into, and progress.

But definitely give it a try.

looks hard

It’s not as hard as it seems ,and I suggest you give it a try.

sure maybe