My IBMYP Personal Project

Hello all,
I am currently in the IBMYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program) at my school, and about to enter the 10th grade. There is a mandatory Personal Project that all students have to complete to move on to the next stage. For my Personal Project, I chose to learn the String Sport/Trick Ladder, and the present it to a group of kids once I finish (but this is not important as of yet).
I am looking to get 2 yoyos to do the Trick Ladder. One responsive, to do the first few tricks, then an unresponsive to do the rest. Do you guys have any suggestions on which yoyos to get?
For responsive yoyos, I’d like to keep it as cheap as I can without sacrificing how it plays.
For unresponsive yoyos, I’m looking to keep it budget friendly as well, -UNDER $30-
Also, are there any extras I should get? Including extra strings, lube, gloves, etc.

Appreciate any advice/input, and I will try to keep you guys updated on my project.


EDIT: Project almost done! Working on my report

The yyj classic is both responsive and unresponsive. But you need two different bearings, flat and C.

Yyj Classic and Duncan Torque. Both amazing yoyos and in your price range

get a yoyojam Classic and make sure you have extra string for a budget friendly yoyo yoyofficer has some good ones to look at

Off topic, but I completed the myp and ib program so I know your pain haha. Feel free to pm me whenever if you ever need tips/tricks (actually waiting on ib results this summer). The loop 1080 is the best for looping in my opinion and the shutter is probably the best unresponsive yoyo for the price (though I may be biased because I love yyf). But these two yoyos will suit your needs.

Thanks, guys. I see the YYJ Classic has a ton of support, and it’s budget friendly. What type of string would you guys recommend IF I need extra string?

Hey, glad to see someone else has gone through the Project haha. Also, I’m doing the String Ladder, not the Looping one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get the YYF Velocity. Adjust it from responsive to unresponsive in a second.

Whoops, didn’t read it correctly :stuck_out_tongue: anyways I edited my post. The shutter is awesome for its price while the velocity or fast 201 will work perfectly for the responsive tricks.

I recommend the Classic as well. I would go with 100% Polyester string. You can buy Kitty String and Blueprint String fairly cheaply in bulk. For the unresponsive yoyos, I would totally go with any YoYoOfficer throws, especially ones like the Lava, Aura, Brave, and Hatchet. I wish you good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

For responsive, from what I’ve read around the forum the velocity/YYJ classic is the best. Which one do you guys think I should get?

It’s always nice to get a yoyo you want as well. If the CZM8 interests you then go for it, it’s a great yoyo. :slight_smile:

The advantage the classic has is its very cheap and comes responsive, but can be made unresponsive simply by swapping out a standard C bearing. A great budget friendly choice.

String wise, bulk string like Kitty or Fat Kitty is always a good shout. It doesn’t last amazingly long but it’s decent and cheap so a lot of people use it.

Lube isn’t really necessary. It’s mainly just to quieten bearings or make them more responsive.

Thanks :slight_smile: I don’t know anything when it comes to the quality of string, so you’re a great help!

Although I’ve read that the CZM8 is not as fun, I like how it looks/plays (that green :o) and want to try my own path :stuck_out_tongue:
On string, I’ll just have to trust what the majority thinks, because I don’t know much.

EDIT: I added a Poll to see what responsive yoyo is best.

This is what i would recommend, you might get bonus points for having a yoyo that someone knows the brand of.

You mean Duncan? ;D

If you are going to do both sides of the trick ladder you will need a looper and a string trick yoyo. Raiders are good for the looping segment. String trick yoyos are notoriously bad for looping.

Both of those are flat bearings. One is just narrower than the other.

No, I’m not going to do both sides of the trick ladder. Thanks though :slight_smile:

If all possible, I would like to get all suggestions by Friday, so I can get the yoyos and start working on my project. Thanks again for all of your support!

With the poll, I see that 3 people have voted for Velocity and 2 for YYJ Classic. They both look good to me, it’s up to you guys by Friday! :slight_smile:

I really like both my CZM8 and Shutter. If I had to pick one, it’d be the CZM8, but mostly only because I like the blue with pink splash design I got on it better than the solid red of my Shutter. Also, I like the very angular and clean lines of the CZM8. Both are very solid performers in your price range.

i love my czm8… great yoyo, stable,fast,fun and a good price

If I got the CZM8, it’d be in the soft green…
so pretty lol :o
Also, the shape is looks like what I want aswell

Another reason to get CZM8, thanks guys :slight_smile:
More confident in my choice with unresponsive now, thanks guys 8)

I think I’ll leave this topic until Friday/Saturday until I get them, excited :smiley: