Pocket Change review?

Can anybody post one please

there is one at yoyo nation but other then that i havent seen one of the reasons is that people just order them unless they got it at worlds

It was released a few days ago, therefore not many people got it.

You need some time with a yo-yo to do a review, that is why DrYoYo spends a week with each yo-yo before he reviews it.

Just like the DIE-NASTY… Its cheap… Just go for it… If you dont like it Im sure you can trade it to some one with an ofstring for a FHZ or somthing

i just got one today its very responsive anybody know why its got a small bearing and silicon response a very good sleep time. its light not very big a great yoyo but too much response for now any suggestions comments? questions? message me

It’s responsive because it’s new. You have to wear out the pads.