pocket change mods?

anybody have any info on mods for the pocket change whatsoever? this thing is ridiculously responsive :-\

Cleaning the bearing and breaking in the response will work wonders.
Right out of the box, the pocket change will be very responsive.

Keep in mind that it is not meant to be a very unresponsive yoyo, but you can achieve a relatively good response on it with a cleaned bearing and broken in response.

And look at it this way, its a good yoyo to hone your skills on, as responsive yoyos are great for flow development.


take out one pad. it’ll play nicely after that.

I purchased a Pocket Change that was already modified with off-string rims designed for it. This makes it a pretty darn good off-string.

You could flowable silicone it, or you take some lint from your dryer and rub on the response to break it in, idk how well it works on pad responses though, definitely clean the bearing or upgrade to new bearing