pockect change

I just got a pocket change an it’s snaggy as all get out. Anyone else have this issue? Does it go away after the response is broken in?

Sup Waylon… Mine’s unresponsive but super snaggy… Its a great yoyo for the price and hard core at 4A with the offstring rims, but after a week-end of heavy play its still super snaggy… I dont like it for 1A… But I do reccomend picking up an offstring or a set of wings for one!

Good luck bro!

I already have a yyf offstring which was half my motivation for picking up the pocket change. I haven’t played much 4a but I guess the snaggyness would come in handy for whip catches and whatnot. Thanks for the feedback.

When I was still learning 4A I was like “ZOMG!! Its so unresponsive binding is sooooo hard!” lol… Its a great yoyo though… It wasn’t wasted money

I got to thinking… the pocket change and the velocity v3 have the same response pads. I’ve using the velocity as a carry along and it has the same problem. It won’t play dead unresponsive. I wonder if it’s the pads?

Theres one way to find out. I dont know… Good luck man… Maybe try only replacing 1 first… That might offer some good play

That’s what I was thinking. I may just take one out and see what happens. I’m hesitant to sili the Velocity because that could be messy.

I can see that… Good luck bro!

Edit: I just thought of somthing… Before ripping out the pad, stick it out just a bit and use a razorblad to shave off a sliver of pad… And try that on both sides…

Taking out one of the pads makes it much less snaggy. Also shaving a little bit of the pads of helps too.

So I’m not the only one… What kind of techniques do you use to offset this? I can’t seem to be able to get a good bind out of it in offstring configuration.

good call. ima try dat, yo.