Just a couple questions about a couple yoyos

My girlfriend has recently shown some interest in learning to yoyo (probably so she can spend more quality time with me since lately ive been addicted to the throw!) So anyway I have a YYF pocket change that i bought for my first yoyo and now that i have my Yuuksta i have no interest in throwing the pocket change. so my question is whether or not there is anyway to make the pocket change responsive? I know my gf needs a yoyo that will come back without binding since she has never thrown a yoyo. If there is a way to make it responsive it will make the yoyo have a specific use and then maybe it will actually get some use again.

My second question is what is a good beginner yoyo that has an adjustable string gap for under $20? the cheaper the better. I was looking at both the YYJ Journey and the duncan throw monkey. I would like something that can start responsive for her to learn basics on and then eventually be tuned to unresponsive so once she starts learning she can still use it. Plus i have quite a few friends who are interested in throwing with me sometimes and it would be nice to have a cheap yoyo that im not to protective over that can be tuned for any skill level from never thrown at all to intermediate.

Thanks all,

  1. put some thick lube in the bearing

  2. the yyj kickside is awesome

Thank you very much!

I was looking at the kickside too.

Thick Lube is your friend :smiley: That is by far the cheapest way to get a responsive throw :stuck_out_tongue: put some thick lube in that pocket change’s bearing and hand it to her :smiley:

Yeah, there is no need to buy a new one with an adjustable gap. Just lube it up.


So now as far as household equivalents to quick lube would something like 3-in-1 oil do the trick or would i need something with a much higher viscosity, like petroleum jelly? lol or maybe even ky jelly, though idk if that qualifies as thick lube. Thanks a ton guys!

I dont recommend thick lube, and there are no house-hold equivilants.

Valve Oil, Trumpet Oil, Sewing Machine Oil, Yoyojam thin lube or One Drop lube. Some people use gun oil.

Mi he want’s it responsive. 3-n-1 will work just fine. It’s what I use for my responsive yoyo’s.

Just thick lube the pocket change but if you want to get her a new throw get a velocity great beginner throw it was my first throw and look


Thanks all, I now have a responsive Pocket Change! The 3-in-1 worked great. Now hopefully in a couple weeks ill have both a responsive Pocket Change, and a girl friend who can do yuuki slack :wink:
I just hope she will get as into throwing as I am. Maybe then when im explaining my most recent combo she will actually understand what im saying and it won’t all sound like gibberish to her.