Kickside yoyo, I'm just stuck.

I bought the kickside yoyo, I’ve been looking around, and some say its responsive and others say its not. For me, its not doing anything. I do the gravity pull, I pull on the string, its supposed to snap right back up, it just moves up then comes back down. Any suggestions I should do? Please explain in the most simple terms you can.

well make the gap the tightest… or if u want it responsive u could use thick lube.

Yours needs lube, and your throw probably isn’t very good.
take the sheild off one side of the bearing. Then fill it with thick lube, the thicker the more responsive it will be. replace the sheild. Make sure you are carfull with the sheilds or you will mess them up. There is a “C” clip holding the sheild on.
If you received a thinner bearing with your yoyo make sure that one is installed.

It may be your throw. Try learning to bind, too. :slight_smile:

Why is this the stock answer to every new players problem?

Why do I get the feeling you’re saying that with criticism?

I said that because Mhess is eventually going to learn to bind, and the sooner he knows about binds, the sooner he will learn to bind. I’m assuming Mhess is new to yoyoing, so I assume he does not have thick lube, so I figured I would not suggest that. The only thing I thought he could try immediately, without waiting 4 days for thick lube to come in the mail, was to learn to bind.

EDIT: Now that I think of it, Mhess, if you don’t want to bind, then you could put a few smal drops of 3-in-1 oil in the bearing…it works like thick lube.

Thick lube, tight gap and nice response system for responsive play.
Cleaning the bearing, thin lube, wear out the lube until right, wear out response until right.

That simple, easy to understand 'eh? (idc if it isn’t)

Thank you everyone, I’m tightening the gap, I’m new to the yoyo, I’m getting my throw better, I added oil to the bearing, its working just fine now. I think I will also learn the bind. Thanks for the help, :).

you can get thick lube anyplace. The thin stuff is hard to find. Grease is the thickest lube, you can pick it up at hell 7/11 sells it. You can get it anywhere. Not sure why you would have to wait 4 days to get anything. 3 in 1 IS thick lube. :wink:
Thin lube when we say that generaly speaks of yoyojam brand thin lube, but you can also get stuff equal to it in local gun, or music shops.