Pocket Change Hate


Well, lately I’ve been throwing my old pocket change. Honestly, I like it a bunch. I got it from a friend not too long ago and it’s actually a pretty nice throw. But as I was thinking, I think everyone gives it too much hate. It’s very nice for 13 dollars. I think people dont throw it long enough to get to know it. Why is that? Anyone else feel the same?

Never tried it maybe I should

Yeah, it’s not bad

I like the Pocket Change… it’s a fun yoyo!

I always liked the Pocket Change.
Love the colors too!

I hated the Pocket Change :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a lot of better yoyos out there for the price or a little more.

Wow, in the forum i used to be in everyone despised it…

Not terribly impressed with this. I have it with off-string rims and they come off frequently.

If you put yoyo jam red spacers under the spacer/bearing seat it will become completely unresponsive and will be a beast.

you mean shims?

Absolutely hate it. The only use I’ve had from it is a konkave bearing in my new speed dial :wink:

I thought it came with a center trac?
Anyways, the pocket change is ok for the price. But I rather buy the whip or one. My pocket change already cracked and now vibes. It sucks!

My friend got one, and it broke the same day the first time it hit the floor, so I hardly used it. But from what I remember, I wasn’t a fan.