plz respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone i am getting a New Breed and to tell you the truth i m acually scared i have and x convict and everyone is sayin it is humongess and im scared cuz the x convict is so small compared to that beast like yoyo so i hope you respond and give me some advicelike am i going to regret getting this or is it going to be a dream compared to my x convict

Well, we can’t say whether or not you are going to like it over your X-ConVict since it depends on your personal preference. However, I don’t think you would regret getting it. Next time, though, you should do some research before buying a yo-yo.

Hey, it’s good to try a bunch of different shapes, wiehgt, response and everything on a yo-yo.

And it isn’t the biggest yo-yo and the X-convict isn’t the smallest so it isn’t a huge jump.

The new bread is really big but I don’t think you will regret it, It plays really well and grind awsome.
If you like big yoyos you will love this and even if you like small yoyos you will still like it.

k thanks for the advice