X Convict

Is That A Good Yo-Yo? Im Thinking Of Maybe Getting It.


i persinaly like the yoyo after you silicon reces it if you dont it is still a ok yoyo but might be a good adea to get shinms if you don want to silicon mod it but mostly its a good yoyo

You dont need to silicone recess it theres already a recess just add silicone. And you don’t even need shims it plays just fine and I can go all the way up to master level tricks with the X-con.

Yes it is.

the enem3 is coming out its like a all metal x-convict but if your intermediate or beginer than get an xcon there cheaper :wink:

The eneme is out,
I definetily Recomend an X-convict, So Fun to throw you will never get tired of it

It’s too silent. You can’t stop throwing it!

Im going to get a when i have the money :slight_smile:

Ah man, thats a GOOOOOOODDDDD yoyo your getting. I love mine.

I would recommened just playing with it stock, but you can add shims, clean the bearing, silicone it, or just play stock. X-ConVicts rule!