Plymouth, MI YoYo Club 4/21/11 *PRIZES!!!*

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Hey fellow yoyo’ers! Plymouth YoYo Club will be hosting the next club meet on April 21st!. So be sure to tell your friends! If you have an ipod I will have an ipod speaker with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CD player. Also last meet was a bunch of fun!

When: Thursday, April 21st , 6pm-8pm
Where: Plymouth Art’s Council- 774 N. Sheldon Road, Plymouth, MI 48170
Who: All the yoyo’ers! Beginner-Advanced
Why: So we can all meet up and have some fun!

Also, YoYoFactory sent us 6 yoyos! We are still trying to decide which ones to raffle off first. We have 2 StarLites, 2 “ONE”'s and 2 F.A.S.T. 201’s!


I am very much interested. I don’t know how often I could attend as I have college classes all throughout the week. Plymouth is great, I live in Canton so that is very close, though I now have an apartment in Detroit because I go to CCS. Either way I want to help promote this, there’s no better way to throw then learning from each other and up until now its just been myself and my computer.
Count me in.


Tuesday or Thursday work best for me, but what about weekends?


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I actually can’t do the days I left out because of my family business.


Weekends just seem better but I am up of anything. Either way I know at least 3 people who would join me, some just starting and some pretty good.

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What Days works best? - Monday, Tuesday or Thursday Thursday

What Time works best? Dosent matter, i like mornings though

Does the Plymouth area work okay or do you have another suggestion? Plymouth is perfect for me…

Does anybody have input on a good place to do it at? noo…not really.

How often are you interested in attending? -Once a week, every other week or once a month?Once a week

How likely are you to attend? Every time there is a meeting…

also i know like 4 kids that would come with me…

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Anyone else?


is there a desicion yet?

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Yes, I have the dates already but cannot tell when they are until I get a response from Jake Maloney. Oh, and I was wondering what you guys thought about doing a battle? Either team or individual, your vote. Either first, second or third meet. I was thinking second meet but will do the first meet. I have a judge, but only one.


team if there is some kind of battle? idk concept sounds kinda weird…

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And I will be selling some Swagger String and used yoyos!

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3 Days until the first club meet! Swagger String, used yoyos for sale/trade, Battle, yoyo’ing, and a bunch of fun!!! Professional Chris Fraser from team YoYoFactory will be coming too! It is going to be a blast! ;D
BE THERE BE THERE [shadow=red,left]BE THERE[/shadow] BE THERE BE THERE

I just had to make it more fun since the Plymouth Yoyo Club is so much fun!


So I am considering coming but it would just be myself, maybe +1, just looking to learn some new stuff. Is it still at 6? How many people are going to be there?

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I am not quite positive. But off the top of my head I can think of 5 other people. And yes, it is still 6-8 PM :wink:

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Update with the next club meet’s date :slight_smile:

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Save the date! It is coming up fast! ;D Last meet was a blast!


can i come to the next meet and plz send me info on it

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PM me with your questions, I will answer what ever you need!