Plymouth Mi Yoyo club

So I was browsing online, looking for local people that yoyo, and I found the Plymouth yoyo club. Plymouth is about 45 mins away, so I want to go if it’s still active. It looks like they meet at a park or a burger joint out there on Thursdays, but the problem is there only page is on Facebook, and I don’t have a Facebook. If someone on here goes to them, let me know when to head out to Plymouth! I live in Eastpointe if any of the other Detroit metro area people wanna meet up.

I think they meet today at a mall, anyone know for sure? Or does anyone wanna check there Facebook for me?

Yup! We are still very active! We meet at Laurel Park Mall in Livonia! (Address is: 37700 Six Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48152 )

But sometimes in the summer we meet in Kellogg Park in Downtown Plymouth. You can look up our page on Facebook and request to join to get the news on where we are going to meet every week!

I figured it out last second and made it down there, I had a great time and will be making the hour drive again this week!