Yoyo contests or clubs in Michigan?

Thank you

I believe there’s a club in Mt. Pleasant, but besides that, I haven’t heard of any.

What part of Michigan are you in?

Im living in Ypsilanti

Mideast Regionals is in Plymouth in the summer. There is actually a thread about it farther down the page. I went to it last year, it was a ton of fun.

Duuude, you’re from Yspi? I’m like 5 mins from there!

There is a yoyo club that is held in the Laurel Park mall (Livonia) or the Bricks Mall (Northville) every Thursday at 6:00-8:00pm ish. And there is a yoyo contest being held In the cultural center in Plymouth July 14th. Hope to see you at club!

Do you have a Facebook? If so, look up “Plymouth Yoyo Club” on there and either a group or a fanpage will come up (or both) and you should like the page and join the group so you can know which o the locations I mentioned we will meet at.

And links, you seriously have never heard of Plymouth yoyo club? That’s sorta ignorant.

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And that’s sorta rude.

I seem have gotten Mt. Pleasant and Plymouth mixed up. A thousand pardons.

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Bro calm your nips the one who called me ignorant I started yoyoing last year an didnt wanna get in one because Iwasnt good but now I can do 3 cold fusions and 3 matrixes ina row in one sleeper

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Wasn’t callin you ignorant bro.

And links, I think ima need 1000 more pardons.
Jkjkjkjkjk, super sorry bro didn’t mean to come off wrong. Sorry if you are offended, you can have your 1000 pardons back.

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