Michigan yoyo club?

Hi there i’m chris i’ve yo’ed for four years and i was wondering if there are any yoyo clubs in MI? ???

Plymouth yoyo Club near Novi and Detroit.

ive tried looking in my area but theres nothing around me. im in st. clair county, so if your out this way let me know and we can throw!

Grand Rapids area here.

i have friends out in GR, if i ever go visit them ill PM you =p

Where in GR?
Me and yoyojamer532 are in Rockford.

Grandville. Not too far away at all.

Cool! I didnt know there were any near us. :slight_smile:

Anyone in detroit?

im like a hour drive from detroit, out in port huron.

where do they meet and what days/times

Dearborn Hts here. Im throwin’ solo ATM. Would be a lot funner and easier to learn new tricks with other people.

your only about a hour drive from me nice. if you ever come up to st clair country hit me up. im in port huron

Greater Traverse area… :frowning:
move up north guys!!! ;D ;D ;D

We meet every Thursday 6-8ish in downtown plymouth at kellogg park or at the Burger Spot (right down the street from the park). for more info join our facebook page.

im in rockford too! right in cannon township

Check out Mr B’s bar abd grill in Rochester.
LJ AKA Vegabomb ownes it.