im kinda new to the forum, but i was wondering if theres anyone from michigan here…looking for somekind of club or something around here…

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Well, there is a contest called Mid East Regionals in Plymouth in July and the person that runs the contest (Jake Maloney, Coolest dude ever!) who also does a club but it’s only in the Summer and he might do some this winter.


if he does something in the winter how would you know when and were it would be?

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I’ll PM you, or if you have a Facebook add Jake Maloney and tell him you are from Michigan and a YoYo’er and he’ll probaly tel you. And there is a possibility that I might take over the club next year when he can’t so it might be year round.


sweet…ill add him now…


Where in MI are you? theres a club in Traverse City, theres also one in or about Alma (I think), theres a fella around Flint, etc.

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I’m from the Detroit Area.


im from livonia…


bump, no answer?


Get in touch with http://www.yojake.com/contact.html Jake Maloney, see if he has the yoyo club in Plymouth still. I know there was a few people from there, but I don’t have any emails/usernames. Seems to me J_scap (from another forum) is from right around there too. Also Connor (sideshowbob) is out in Grand Rapids.

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I’m in the Toledo area with a lot of family in Monroe and Flatrock so I might be poking my head in if I can get some definite info :smiley: MER 2011 might be my first contest too… hrmmm :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


mer is prob gonna be my first contest as well… i just got a mystery box too…so idk what my new yoyos or whatever comes in there im gonna get…but right now i have a yyj revolution


I would be interested, I am from Canton.


Anyone throw around Grand Rapids, or relly anywhere in Michigan? Lets do something.

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Is anyone on here from Michigan?


I’m in the Grand Rapids area.

More specifically, the Grandville area.


im in the st clair/port huron area =p

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Im from canton too!!! ;D


Been a while since i was on here…

Buttt Ann Arbor/Brighton Area!

We need to find a central spot and location to go meet up!

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