Please stop...

Fellow yoyoers, please stop using the same Skrillex songs in your videos. I can understand a song accidentally being used more than once…but I think I’ve heard Equinox about 7 times…and I don’t even want to mention Kill Everybody. I love Skrillex as much as the next guy, but its getting out of hand.

Marcus Koh actually used a remix of the same song (Kill Everybody) that Paul Han used in a freestyle this year…and even that is stretching it. I know we all want to profess our want to Kill Everybody, but its just time to move on.

Thank you.


As I and many others have said before, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. People put up what “they” want because it’s what “they” like. Not for you. Please stop telling people what to do. This is directed at everyone that thinks they can do that. What others do is up to them.


I’ve decided to let this ride. We all know my opinion but what I didn’t say is that I agree with him. I’m not going to tell you to stop though.

90% of the videos and freestyles that i watch, i dont like the music to, but you know what i do? hit the mute button :slight_smile:

I guess I worded what I was trying to say all wrong. I didn’t mean to tell people what to do, simply give them advice. It seems to be an unwritten law that you don’t use a song that has been already used (at least from my perspective). Sometimes you’ve never seen the original video and it happens, but specifically using a song that you’ve heard used before in another video is lessening your creative ownership of the video and in a way disrespecting the original song user. They used that song to show their original perspective, and now there’s a discrepancy over who used it first…

There are plenty of songs to choose, and most of them haven’t been used. Use something that says something about you or your tricks, not something that you thought worked awesome in another video or freestyle.

What would you think if you saw someone get on stage and Dirty Harry by Gorrilaz started playing to their freestyle?

Side note:
Official Ruling (by me :stuck_out_tongue: ) - Remixes are OK

I’d watch the freestyle and not complain. I mean, seriously. We aren’t hipsters; some of us listen to the same music.

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Make us.

I’m not making anyone do anything. To each his own I guess.

Hrm Pot calling the kettle black?

true, true. hypocrisy=having funs :smiley:

o u

same with me but then i put a different song on

You want to take this outside?!?!?! :smiley:

BOY! go get me my PRINGLE!

Parking Lot. Behind the mall. 6:00 sharp. Be there. (I now declare this thread off topic! =) )

Ill bring the cheetos, obviously Im the only one legit enough to do so.
Maybe some mountain dew as well.

Trying too hard

awe shucks! i was planing to do a skrillex song on my next video. :slight_smile:
also,i ve never seen a yoyo video use a skrillex song other than marcus.