Reusing Music


So GA States is in September, and since it is summer, I decided to start prepping. As i was listening to songs that i find fitting, I realized how much my song preference is influenced by contest FS music. So my question is;

What is your opinion on people reusing songs from other people’s freestyle?


Use whatever you want, its your freestyle.


I partially agree with this, but I feel like it’s kinda stealing when I reuse a song


Its only annoying when a bunch of other people use the same song at a contest.
Anything that’s super popular right now will get used a lot. Try something out of the norm that’s still in your style. Or something a bit older.

Check out some of guy wrights videos.


I would think you would want to try something new and creative. why follow the leader? be the leader.



Use whatever music you want.


I agree, at the end of the day it’s really up to you. Pick what you really want. :slight_smile:


now I am curious, how old are you?



So, I feel quite strongly about this subject. It will take me hours, days, weeks to figure out which song to use. I try to use the most unpopular music I can find, that I like of course, such as this:

Or this:

Or this one I did at NER

It’s just your choice, but it’s my opinion, because I’m just that hipster


Back at cal states they made you pick from a list of songs for prelims. I picked call me maybe. There were like 10 other people that picked it and the way you handle that situation is to stand out and add something unique to your freestylw


I like his choice of music and the atmosphere it gave.  so many today just recycle the pop top 20 or so and it really says something about originality (or lack of).


Its your freestyle. It’s not like you’re going to copy another person’s freestyle from a person who used that song anyway.

If you want some song recommendations.

Hamilton — You Had It (Listened to this alot before, apparently Takeshi Matsuura used it too in his 2014 Japan Nats freestyle)

Otherside (Remix) — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Ft. Fences (You might have to edit out the rap part if you’re competing)

Stronger — Kanye West (ALWAYS A GOOD SONG TO YOYO TO)

Power (Trap Remix) — Kanye West (Pretty good to yoyo to, Used in the video: Samm Scott - Moment)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World — Lorde (Not gonna lie, it’s a goto song of mine because it was in the Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer haha, also it’s about 2:30 long so you’ll have to edit in a song or edit out a part of the song if competing in a 3 min or 2 min freestyle respectively)

Use stuff like remixes or something since some people might just use the normal version of the song that people could have heard tens of hundreds of times.


I’m really digging the Power remix it seems very fitting for a prelim because it has a rather fast pace and consistent enough where people can just cram in as many points as possible in their routine