Freestyle Music

Mods feel free to move where needed. My situation is that GA States will be coming soon, and I plan to compete for the experience and because there are no prelims, so I just need a final. I have my combos planned mostly, but I’m musically stuck. I don’t typically listen to anything that is not usually from the radio. Another thing is that my music choices are heavily influenced by what I hear in yoyo videos, so throwers would already be acquainted by all of these songs. If you have a song that can make a good freestyle, please help me out and link it in this thread. BTW it is a 2 minute freestyle. Thanks in advance.

I would pick something like no diggity by blackstreet if your slower if its fast your gonna wanna do something dubstep if you go on soundcloud you will find some great stuff

Talk to Emmy. She’ll know what you’re looking for.

Try Applause by Lady Gaga.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Lady Gaga? No way, LeftyLink!

Dude, the songs is great. I enjoyed it. Trust me, it’s a lot better than some of her other ones.
Have you even heard it?

I’ve always wanted to use this one

This also came to mind

And this guy is somewhat popular but I’m not sure if it’s been used yet

But LADY GAGA sings this “great song”. Lady Gaga is messed up.

And no, I haven’t heard it. And I hope I never do. LOL.


You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I have a list- (Radioactive Remix) (Applause Remix) (TBH redneckyoyoer, I’ve been listening to the regular Applause a lot since the VMAs. (Actual Radioactive) (Actual Applause)

BTW this is taking place at a fair, so plz make recommendations that will please the general public (no profanity)

Radioactive is overplayed. I wouldn’t recommend it for a normal contest. But this is going to be at a pretty large state fair. The general public may enjoy it.

I should be able to make it to GA states, too! Maybe I’ll see you there.

Thanks for the advice. I know its overplayed, but im trying to balance the fact that its a contest and a fair at the same time. I tried to find other Imagine Dragons songs to do, but Demons to too slow, but thats why there is always dubstep remixes.

Can’t wait to see you there  :smiley:

EDIT: this is also an option. If anyone has any Avicii songs besides Levels and I Can Be the One, or a good version of One, plz tell me

What is your play style like? The track I picked would be suited more for fast and poppy play.

Here’s my YouTube

Ah well , I have my opinions and suggestions,but I think you should just throw everyone off and go old school :wink:

Great idea!

Now, this is old skool: