The song usage thread.


Has a song been used in a world national, or local contest?
It can be hard to shift through the hundreds of freestyle videos on the web, so this particular place provides an opportunity for competitors or producers to make sure the music they are considering has not been used before, if they want to have a new song with no yoyo baggage.


I’ll start us off.
Has “breakin a sweat” by Skrillix and the doors been used in a freestyle before?


So I actually thought that this was a proposed program you were going to make at first (my brain is fried from college currently so paying attention to details isn’t happening). Though I know this isn’t the point of the thread, I think it would be a cool idea for a program. Make a database of freestyles, the songs that were used for them, what contest it was, perhaps what yoyo the person used, and potentially a video of it. That way you could search through what has been done and used by who. This would require a ton of time for what it is though. Back to the topic we go :wink: