Most over used music ever.

What are the most over used musics ever?
I will start.
Come and get it by Krewella.
fantastic baby by big bang.

^Do you mean at contests?

At MWR last year Radioactive got used like 5 times

Come and Get It everyone and their mothers use that song.

“Oh…nice he’s using Purity Ring.”
“Wait…didn’t I just hear Purity Ring?”

Atari Teenage Riot-Speed if I remember correctly it was used so much that it was banned

Most stuff by Skrillex is used ALOT


I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard “What does the fox say?” At Ga States.

Intro by XX

Those who attended California States this year will definitely understand.

Well to be fair I’m pretty sure it was Tony’s go-to song for people who didn’t prepare one

BTW you should totally compete this year. I’m already planning my FS out

I think if you didn’t have the foresight to prep some music, you totally deserve to have to freestyle to that XD


Agreed, but then there’s Sebby

I’ve seen the funeral by band of horses more then once and leave it all behind by star______ (the blanks are part of the band name it has a bad word in the name)


Oh sebby didn’t know the song and still destroyed. And I am competing this year. Starting mine now as well.

Let’s face it, Sebby could do a freestyle to absolute silence and it’d still be more entertaining than most.


All dubstep is overused in my opinion. I’m not necessarily anti-dubstep, it had its moments, but in yoyo contests it was over 4 years ago.

Funeral by band of horses

Dunno bout contests, but “Sail” got used for buckets of videos. That and “Radioactive” seemed to be the soundtrack for 50% of the videos in 2013. :wink: (yes, I exaggerate)

Honestly just about anything from the top 50 charts on iTunes is way overused at comps…

Inertiatic ESP by The Mars Volta had it’s heyday for about 4-5 years if memory serves correctly.

I like TMV, but that song was good once or twice, and then killed with overuse.

I still cringe when I hear the opening guitar-riff/drum-blasts at yoyo contests