My new video: YYF Yuuksta - A Short Video

A Short video I made showcasing the Yuuksta by YoYofactory. It’s a great yoyo. Yes, I used the song off the original Yuuksta video, and yes, I know I suck. Thanks for watching!

Please Comment!


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Thanks man!


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Nice Video Man.
Heres a Tip Though: It is Okay to use Music of another YoYo Video to one of your Videos. But it sometimes looks Strange to people when they see you using the Same Song and YoYo as an Originial Video. It just makes some people think you have lack of Creativity. It would be Okay to use that song if you were using say for an Example, YYF Primo or RockStar. This is just a Tip for Futue Videos. Im Not Meaning this in Any Kind of Bad or Harmful Way. Just a Tip. :wink:
But Great Video! :wink:
-Cody Wright

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Cool video and I think the song fits your style

haha niiiiccceee. and you dont suck!

“I’m the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet and you suck.”


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At least you tried.

For a general rule though, if you’ve seen a yoyo vid using a song I try to avoid using that song as well. Especially if it’s a professional player’s vid. I mean if it’s someone on the forum I wouldn’t worry that much about it.

It’s hard to see what you’re doing sometimes. Try some better lighting and a solid coloured shirt (preferably a darker colour)

nice vid!

how much spin time do you get on this yoyo?