My first yoyo video!

(Ryan) #1

So  after a while i was planning to make a video so here it is:-

Oh since this is my first vid i need tips on how to make it better thanks!!!

(Waylon) #2

i like it. different locations and angles and you played with the colors and effects a bit. good video.


Awesome video ;D

Now for a tip, at 0:05, make the scene fade in, it looks quite abrupt.

But nice video! For some reason, you really remind me of Logan :slight_smile: Your hair looks like his ;D

And also, relax your shoulders when playing, you look tensed up :slight_smile:

Very good video, nice tricks ;D

(Ryan) #4

Thanks ;D

ill keep that in mind!


Nice video, keep throwing!

Happy Throwing! =]

(Frank W.) #6

That was good but I noticed the sound of the yoyo spinning and maybe a few other things so try turning the sound off of the video and all to the music. And it ended really abrupt. But really good video.


Very good!

I like the music - that goes with it smoothly.

I thought I heard that song in one of The Organizer’s videos… :wink:

(Ryan) #8

haha yup its a song in his tutorials…i kinda get inspiration from him too…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Nice video! Very smooth.

(Johnny T) #10

Awesome vid! I like how did the lighting. Smooth, and technical.