My first video...

Okay, if you find this on youtube, I didn’t post it. Definitely not a “yoyo master”, as the title suggests, but the guy who did put it up did it in good spirits. :slight_smile: Anyways, here’s me just goofing around with my yoyo. (Think i need a little practice landing that double or nothing. lol)

I thought you did pretty well. You should add some music.
P.S im no yoyomaster either but the name is cool

lol thanks. I’ll probably make another video later thats better with the music as well.

To all you watching this! Turn on some tunes to make it seem as if it has music! ;D lmao!

VERY good! :smiley:
I love it, make more. :wink:

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lol, I’ll definitely have to now. ;D