Outdoors: a yoyo video


a new yoyo video.


Constructive Critisism:

Get more clips. Instead of one long video, do several clips, so if you mess up, you can just try the trick again, not the entire video.

Get different angles for the tricks to make it more enjoyable.

Add music

When making titles, try different color combination’s and animations.

Do the tricks smoother.

Record yourself in variety of different places

Just my $0.02 ;D


thanks, I was going to do multiple angles but the sun was going down and the rest that I took was worthless.
I use windows movie maker, I plan to have multiple angles in my next video with some effects.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

I liked the laceration and when you landed the suicide with one finger your like “oh yeah i’m cool” lol.

Samad took all my idea’s too make your video better.


I went from a 1.5 mount suicide thing to a right-handed Chopstick mount thing.
It was the first time I landed it, in fact it was something that I thought of just then. I was surprised to actually land that. I am okay at suicides just not something special.


Oh, heres my 0.03$ (1 cent more then samad!!!)

When you miss a trick quickly get back and start again.

Be in various places

 Add music (Just audio swap on youtube)