Please someone help with the messiah?

Is it good at horizontal or not some say it excellet some say t bad how is it onscale of 1 to 10 this might make me get it or not

For the most part, for a yoyo to be good at horizontal it needs to have low walls and a V/Stepped/H shape.

Bad for Horizontal:

Good for horizontal:

A bit of an over-the-top comparison, but it gives you an idea.

This is the Messiah:

So design wise, it should be good at horizontal. I don’t believe that undersized throws due to their usually less-stable nature will be as good at horizontal as a full or oversized throw, but as far as undersized yoyos go, I can’t see one better geared towards horizontal than the Messiah.

Obviously just remember that horizontal is tricky and it’ll be your practicing that makes more of a difference than the throw itself. Any yoyo can do horizontal, it’s just that low walled models are more forgiving by design.

The Messiah is very good for horizontal despite being undersized. It may not be as good as a Draupnir or Overdrive, but it will handle anything you throw at it.

for  horizontal plays, first of all serve good hands:

01:43 (2007! and palstic yoyo with butterfly shape)

made this consideration, the Messiah plays in horizontal , but I would the same shape and diameter of at least 55mm.