A throw good at horizontal?


Wondering if you anyone could reccomend a metal throw good at horizontal for around 40-55 dollars. I would prefer a mid to full sized throw, thanks!


if you go up a bit there’s the genesis and superwide.


Any other suggestions? I was looking at the di base


I am by no means an expert on horizontal throwing, but from my limited experience I would suggest a full to oversized H-shaped yo-yo with a nice gap on it to learn on. I say this because I had never been able to do a horizontal bind until I tried it on my code1, and it was really easy for me with that yo-yo. The code1 isn’t in that price range but you could find something you will like for cheaper that has the same traits I’m sure.


H shaped or V shaped are good at horizotals. My JK can handle them very well, it is a very nice yoyo for 21 dollars.


Thanks guys, I can already do quite a bit of horizontal stuff, it was really tough to learn with a dv 888. Any body tried the di base?


Go with YYR.


Anything low-walled will do. The DV888 is highwalled, the Di Base would probably be decent at it. It’s also about practice though, just as much as it is about the yoyo. A good player can do horizontal tricks on anything, and while a low-walled, stable yoyo is preferred, it’s not necessary. A concave bearing will also help slightly.


V shape tends to be good.
ie: any of hiroyuki’s signatures, werrd irony, yyr, mvp, etc
also oversized tends to help.


ilyy trvth


Duncan ech or sfx are amazingly good at horizontal


The rec rev mangaroo