Good affordable horizontal throw

The tittle asks the question. I want it to be in the $50 range.

YoyoJam Chaser!

Or Northstar/protostar

godtricks cyclone

Di Base is $5 over budget. Consider going over budget!

Agreed! Got the perfect shape, just not my weight preference, i think its too heavy(ironically I like the Northstar over Protostar and loving my new Trigger which is 70g I believe)

Agreed, pretty much all of the God-Tricks line are well suited to horizontal. Currently one of the most underrated brands IMHO.

The Di Base is 66.9 grams without the included weight rings. The Protostar is 67 grams and the Northstar is
69.5 grams.

It just proves how important preferences play in determining a yoyo for someone.

So do you guys find it easier to do horizontal with a heavier or lighter throw? Or is it all preference.

YoYofficer Aura!

What makes a good horizontal throw?

Mostly the player, but it is usually yoyos that are a tiny bit wider, more V-shaped, but mainly a lot of weight pushed to the rims. The V-shape just makes it easier to land back into the gap. A lot of H-shapes work great too, as long as there’s a decent sized catch zone. The super-wide type of yoyos have an edge on horizontal play due to their more extreme shape.

However, a really good player can do horizontal with most yoyos.

Hope this helps!! I used to attempt but completely fail at slanted/horizontal play. That was until I got a Di Base! It was an AMAZING yo-yo for string tricks and a great yo-yo for Horizontal play!!! I would definitely consider buying one!!! Hope this helped!!!

And a bump right above the response helps.