Please remember everyone, profanity is not allowed here


I’m seeing more and more people starting to say curse words, or vulgar things. I know that the moderators are doing their best to keep this at a minimum, but still it slips through sometimes.

Please remember, this forum has readers of all ages, and I just ask that we all try and watch our language. Profanity is not attractive, and when people use it, it often makes me lose much respect for them.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


I agree. We need people to be more respectful. Small children read YYE.

(M.DeV1) #3

And the parents of those children sometimes do too.


Exactly! Wouldn’t it be awful if someone’s parent was reading over their child’s shoulder, and they say a curse word, and forbid him from coming to this site anymore? That would be awful.


It’s not? That really pisses me off.


I’d sure hate to lose the respect of some random dude on the internet because I did something silly like say a swear! :o Thanks for the warning!


Okay thanks for the reminder and also thank goodness for me! I try never to be rube or vulgar on the forums!


How do you know i was referring to the internet when i said it makes me lose respect for people?

Edit: Really, the more i read your post, the more i wonder what the point of it was? I would want someone to respect me whether i know them in person or not. Thanks for contributing to the thread man, really appreciate your wisdom.


Remove “on the internet” and the point still stands. The more we stigmatize ‘bad’ and ‘hurtful’ words, the more power they have.


All words have power and meaning. You can’t nullify the meaning of a vulgarity just by being nonchalant about it. If you’d be ashamed to say “Hey ___hole, it’s nice to ___ing see you!” to anyone you’d care to think of (your grandmother, the President, your significant other) then perhaps you’re just as much of a believer in the effect of words after all.

Besides, don’t you want to KEEP the power of those words? When I use an expletive, I want it to mean something. :wink: That’s why I used it! If it has no more strength than the word “poo” then I’m missing out on a meaningful word for the occasion! Gosh darn it all to heck, when I swear, I want to swear!


What’s the point of this thread at all, buddy? Any word they don’t want on here is automatically censored, your four line forum post isn’t going to change the way anybody speaks.


It should make them realize they are doing something wrong.

A lot of people are just putting *'s in place of swears, which is still breaking the rules.


hehehe… im guilty…


Not really something to laugh at…


it was meant to be a more akward laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

but in all seriousness sorry for the short temper and vulgarity!


There are a lot of new people here, maybe they didn’t know. It’s good just to remind people.


The Freedom of Speech is wrong.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a privately owned website and they can make their own rules.