Respect. Accountability. And "know your place" rofl

Hey Guys,

Well. Id just like to make a statement on a few subjects that i feel are completely important for this community.

Respect and accountability.
Unfortunately this day in age a lot of people have know clue how these verbs work… Let alone what they really mean.

There is no reason for one of us to disrespect another, were all friends id like to think, anyone who shares a passion of mine is my buddy. We all learned the golden rule in kindergarten, treat others how you would want to be treated… Do it… Dont just read it.

Onto accountability.
I hear the term “playin moderator” a lot. This term shouldnt exist really. Holding someone accountable for their actions isnt a bad thing. Your not playing moderator when you do it. I not only hold my peers accountable, but myself in most situations. Accepting responsibility for some you have done and owning up to the fact you did something can not only take you a long way in life, but also improve your reputation amongst your peers. There is nothing wrong with holding people accountable, you dont hae to be rude about it either, just let that person know that whatever they did is not okay.

Sophemore year i was sent to a wilderness program where i learned these important life skills.

We also learned how to effectively communicate with each other.
Using sentences with “i feel” and “i hear” for example.

I feel frustrated when people do not respect the boundaries of others.

Or if it was an “i feel” statement towards another group member i would say

I feel frustrated when you do not respect my boundaries (insert name) because i respect yours and that respect should be mutual between us.

Okay hahaha i hope that sheds some light on how to be polite :wink:

Onto “knowing your place”
There are right and wrong times to say something.
Now… Since we are communicating through the internet, we cannot read each others body language. Which is unfortunate because body language really speaks…
Soooo, i urge you to do your best when you read someones reply on a post. To understand the “feel” of what statement they are making.

Knowing your place here on the forum is important…
And our places are…

We are all in this together, technically yoyoexpert is what runs thai website, but without us there would be nothing to talk about. So lets all share this awesome thing we have here, no need to be rude or ignorant towards others, bad words racist etc. are no no’s guys.
Please be respectful, and not only hold your peers accountable but yourself aswell.

Sadly, a lot if people will not understand this, which may just be whats wrong with the world. Be selfless.

Have fun tossin your toys around yall, im stillllll waitin for my summit >:| lol but today was a good day, im glad i could shed some light on these subjects. Peace love and good vibes sent yalls way <3


Thanks to this thing called the internet, we have a shield to hide behind. Since unfortunately most of us will never meet, a number here have little motivation to show respect. It takes showing respect to get respect. Also, when one is showing disrespect, despite the best efforts of the moderators, the efforts to hold people accountable for their actions is trivialized due to the nature of the environment. The good thing is we have moderators who do their best to keep things as smooth as possible.

As far as “know your role”, I think you’re confusing that with “having the ability to completely communicate”. This medium is very flat and lacks the dynamics of actual social “person to person” interaction. Words should be chosen carefully to properly to convey thoughts and emotions, and when needed, disclaim or clarify to help ensure proper intent and understanding. Sadly, this is a shrinking art. Some people will step up to the plate but most are lazy and can’t be bothered.

We don’t speak in sentence fragments.
Who cares.

I honestly have no clue what my role is here. I just go around saying stuff, answering questions and just being me. I also have no idea what my role or status is in the community. It’s apparently a bit bigger than I think it is. I kind of miss my anonymous existence. Unfortunately, at contests, people know where I am and how to find me… Oh well. At least when they find me, they all tend to be respectful. However, I am NOT immune to being held accountable here. I’ve had a few slips here and there, and as a result, the mods have stepped in to make me aware of what mistake I made so as to avoid a repeat. I could take this one of two ways: I can look at this as some sort of attack upon my person, or I could look at it as a gentle reminder that I may have(or did) overstep boundaries or break the rules and look to the moderators words as an intervention to prevent further problems. Oops. Bad stuff happens, we all make mistakes. The bigger concerns are “do we learn from those mistakes or not”. In the end, whether we like it or not, we are all accountable for our own actions.

We all can’t get along all the time. We can try to act respectful even in the face of disagreement or differences of opinions. If we understand there is a re-action for every action, that would help a lot as well. Despite the fact that we have “Regular users” here and “ForumXPerts” and “Moderators” and “Administrators”, in the end, we’re all people. We should treat each other with equal respect EVEN when those clearly show they are not deserving of respect. When things get out of balance, then the moderators take it upon themselves, with their needed elevated status levels, to take measures to restore balance and order. Once done, the moderators quietly resume their equal status roles and we all keep moving forward.

We all may not be equal when it comes to our rank on the forum. Some people have earned higher status and responsibilities. Despite this, we are all the still equals. We need to behave as such. We may run into each other some day. When we do, it would be preferable that it’s under the best of terms and we can now associate a name to the face. That would be ideal.

Stop hiding behind being an anonymous internet entity and act like we’re all in the same room talking.

wise words from Studio!! thanks for sharing bruddah. lol but the “know your role” thing was just a joke really, the title “know your role was” not actually knowing your existence with others in our fabulous community.

I never went to kindergarden. :frowning:

Unfortunately some people don’t know what a verb is.

I’m guilty of using shorthand… on a forum… and sometimes i fall short on communicating something because of it.

I like the last sentence… for sure!!! and something I hadn’t thought about instilling in my son until i read it.

“Talk and Communicate on the internet/phone/text just like the person is in front of you.”

I just realized… I need to teach my son about this stuff… heck . Guess it’s time to set up the extra pc lock it down, and track/monitor his activity and show him how to get the most out of this awesome resource. Sigh wow… he’s growing up fast… I just realized i need to have THE TALK with him too… sigh … it’s still awesome though… i get to drop some knowledge on my kid :D… sorry for the hijack… i just hit me all of a sudden… i feel old now… im not but … just wow…

–pedantic English teacher mode–

Actually, we DO speak in fragments. Which is why people tend to write in fragments for informal written communication like forums. Lots of great fiction makes wonderful use of fragments, as well.

–end pedant mode–

I get the gist of this, for sure. But, I’m always in “realist” mode. I know human nature will override all of the hopes and dreams we have about what people might do. And while everyone knows what they “should” do, for various reasons, all that is either forgotten, or interferes with a person being themselves. Just having a bad day can trigger some bad things, but other times personality conflicts and us being “human” just takes over. It is the reason we’ll always need moderators to help keep things in line. Ideas about respect and accountability vary from person to person. Some people react and think they are just being “real” or being “honest” and not being disrespectful at all. So, while the point has been made, it seems easier said than done in a lot of cases.

We all have our own pet peeves about the forum, and people who do certain things. All of that is just a human element, and nothing we will ever be able to do about that. Too many people, with too many personalities, and different standards of what is “right” or “wrong.”

I have noticed in life that being too tactful can do more harm than good. There are times when you can be most helpful to someone by being honest with them and not sugar coating things to spare feelings. We are always trying not to step over the line of being “rude,” when often times it is not what we say, but how the other party chooses to receive it, that counts most. We do not have total control over whether someone thinks we are rude anyway.

The only standard I would set for the forum in terms of respect and accountability, is to simply follow the rules that are in place. If you offend someone, hopefully, they will be “real” enough to let you know, and because we are all on a forum, a place to express ourselves, we can perhaps sort it out from there and clarify things as best possible. But, besides what is in the rules for us not to do, there is no universal standard of respect on here, so we will just strive to do our best.

In life, generally I tend to gravitate toward people who have similar ideas about respect and morals, so it already minimizes conflict. As for the rest of the world, outside of my close friends and family, I really have no expectations. I have hopes, but absolutely no expectations. I had expectations when I was younger, but I am older and wiser, and choose not to set myself up for disappointment with the general public. :smiley:

I just wish some of us would practice what they preach. Especially for behaviors outside of the fourm as well.

Im too lazy to read all of this, mainly distracteddddddd! Summit came!! Ooowww! Back on that metal game! Finally, shes so smooooth too. If you dont already have one pick one up.

I just dont like to see disrespect on this site. People will be people though, too self involved to real give two craps about others most of the time.

On another note, today was a great day! Im not sure why, but when i do not sleep i have good days the following days. Its weird, im just glad im not depressed. Got up an did a bunch of yard work for my grammy. Took her to lunch. Summit, puttin together a video.
Check it out!

How was everyones day?

Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for posting this - I’m still the new guy - but I’ve been active on forums since there were forums - and before that on IRC and… duh duh duh… BBS’s back in the day…

I think it all boils down to common courtesy - something a lot of people lack in their dealings with others online. Just think before posting and “walk in that guy/girls shoes”…

I will say - so far this has been one of the better forums I had read… positive for the most part and lots of members supporting each other. Much better than I had expected to be honest…

As to how my day went?

Well, I locked in a deal for a dream throw today - Jumping in with both feet so to speak! OD Sovereign!!! Needless to say, when I do something, I dont mess around…

Nice! Haven’t had the pleasure of trying Sovereign myself but I only hear good things about it.


I’ve seen people slander people online and everything else, then claim to be righteous all at the same time.

no problem bro, ive seen threads like this in the past. I figured it doesnt hurt to remind people.

Congrats on your new throw!